Rest in Peace French Streaktovegas

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I’ve struggled for a while with finding the right words to describe Streak and the impact he has made on my life but nothing I can say will ever come close to explaining what he meant to me and those closest to him.

When I purchased Streak he was almost 7 years old. I knew nothing about him aside from what he had accomplished and the different hands he had exchanged over his short career. Even though I had no desire to purchase a stud, fate had bigger plans for us both. Purchasing him led me to a phenomenal stallion who just wanted a place to call home. To never worry about where he would go, who would be running him or what they wanted from him. I became his person and provided him with the one thing he needed the most, love. What I didn’t expect was what he would do for me. Streak has forever changed my life. He gave me hope, friendship, comfort and most of all an irreplaceable bond. Although I catch myself asking why, I try to be grateful for the time God allowed him to stay with me and thankful for putting us in each other’s lives when we need it the most.

I’m blessed to be able to continue his legacy and watch his babies for years to come but unfortunately there will never be another. What he had cannot be duplicated or replicated. He had the heart of a champion, a quality that will be passed down into his offspring for generations to come. After all, the greatest use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it. 



We are thankful to have stored plenty of frozen semen and will continue to stand him to the public but we need time to make the proper adjustments to our contracts.  For anyone who has a 2021 contract or is a 2020 Paid rebreed you will be contacted once we have all the details.   


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